Living with COVID-19 Medium-Term Plan

The Government’s ‘Living with COVID-19 Medium Term Plan’ is a five-level roadmap to help control the spread of COVID-19. Fáilte Ireland regularly updates the Operational Guidelines to reflect the Government’s Public Health advice as part of the Plan.

Fáilte Ireland’s top priority is supporting Ireland’s tourism and hospitality businesses to survive, re-open and recover from the catastrophic impact COVID-19 has had on our industry. This crisis is affecting every tourism business in the country and the road ahead is uncertain.

We have created an extensive range of business supports to guide you through these unprecedented times. These have been developed in consultation with industry experts to meet your immediate and urgent needs and help your business re-open and recover.  

How to use our website

  • Visit our Business Re-opening Supports to access a range of tailored resources in the most critical areas of business recovery — with specific advice for every sector.
  • Visit our Business Survival Supports to find the tools to guide you through areas of ongoing concern like business liquidity, HR risk and maintaining your brand and reputation.

Featured Updates

COVID-19 Adaptation Scheme

The €26m COVID-19 Adaptation Fund is part of the Government’s July Jobs Stimulus Package and can support tourism businesses by providing grants to help offset some of the adaptation costs incurred in order to re-open safely in line with Fáilte Ireland’s Guidelines for Re-Opening.

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COVID-19 Safety Charter

A Government-endorsed initiative to reinforce confidence in domestic and overseas visitors in tourism businesses, the COVID-19 Safety Charter is designed to give comfort and reassurance to employers, employees and customers that your business is ready to re-open safely.

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Brexit Response

Fáilte Ireland is ready to provide support to Irish tourism businesses that are feeling the impact of Brexit and COVID-19 on their bottom line, with a range of supports to help you navigate the challenges.

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