Guidance for indoor hospitality

From July 26th, indoor hospitality can re-open with robust protective measures and adherence to Government regulations in relation to evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity following recovery.

Business owners and management who are operating indoor hospitality should adhere to their sector-specific Operational Guidelines (and any possible amendments of same) in addition to implementing the below Guidance for Indoor Hospitality. This guidance specifically supports the Government regulations and legislation – Health (Amendment)(No.2)Act 2021.

All businesses need to ensure processes are in place and staff are trained to implement the Operational Guidelines and ensure the business is operating within the approved legislation. The COVID-19 Lead Worker Representative should be consulted as these processes and staff training are developed in line with the Work Safely Protocol.

The key element of this guidance is that reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that no person, other than a ‘permitted person’, is admitted to a relevant indoor premises. Permitted persons are those with acceptable Proof of Immunity. Children under 18 in the care of permitted persons may also be admitted.

Infection Prevention Control measures such as physical distancing, cleaning, face coverings, maintaining good hand and respiratory hygiene and staying at home if feeling unwell should continue to be adhered to. The public health advice is still that outdoors is safer than indoors.

To find out more, download the Guidance for Indoor Hospitality for all the information you need to understand the regulations around indoor hospitality. 

Please note, as these guidelines are working documents, you may need to clear your cache to view the latest version.