Operational performance: Capacity calculators

June 19, 2020

Capacity & Commercial Impacts Calculator and how to optimise your operations based on reduced capacity

Fáilte Ireland has created a ‘Capacity & Commercial Impacts Calculator’ to help businesses to assess which parts of their operation can function profitably, how to utilise any available space to help overcome capacity reductions and where to drive efficiencies. 

As each business is a different size, fit-out and shape, they must determine their new capacity and input this into the calculator. This can be adjusted as physical distancing restrictions ease. The calculator will help the business to determine:

  • The effect of reduced capacity within the business
  • Commercial impact of cost management and revenue generation opportunities
  • The feasibility of new service options

Fáilte Ireland has also developed a series of ‘Optimise Your Operations’ guides to assist owners and managers to think creatively about how they can use their existing assets.

These documents outline a series of considerations (for example, on operational planning, potential new business models, addressing physical distancing on-site, innovative usage of space, etc.), with suggestions and guidance from sectoral experts to help navigate the reopening process and to optimise both the guest experience and the sustainability of the business.

Use the calculator and guidelines for re-opening for your sector: