Sales training

April 23, 2020

In this period of uncertainty, it’s crucial to work on your sales strategy and consider everything from cancellations to cash flow. This selection of free online webinars, guides and resources will help you improve your business performance and make it as easy as possible for your customer base to access your services.

The SiteMinder COVID-19 hub tackles a number of crucial topics such as cancellations, including dealing with mass cancellations and OTA bookings. It also advises on mass discounting and how to increase the efficiency of your business in the health crisis. 

Find suggestions on how you can improve your business by revamping outdated administration processes and refreshing your loyalty programmes. 

Visit the SiteMinder COVID-19 hub

The IDeaS COVID-19 hub is another valuable source of information and support for tourism businesses navigating the COVID-19 crisis. 

Find guidance on food and beverage management and discover what your revenue managers need to take into consideration in the current crisis. The guide also advises hotels on strategic forecasting of cost -– focusing on energy, labour and unnecessary expenses.

Recommended resources:

Visit the IDeaS COVID-19 hub

The Rezdy Survive COVID-19 hub offers a range of supports and articles including insights on cash flow, ideas to monetise your virtual tours and advice on offering discounts.

Recommended resources:

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Developed specifically for the hospitality industry, the eHotelier Coronavirus Awareness course for hotels offers advice on preventing and controlling COVID-19 incidents, communicating and managing such incidents and actionable tips on protecting colleagues, guests and your business. 

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