Fáilte Ireland Learning Hub including refreshed Accredited Service Excellence Programme

Keeping employees engaged through upskilling and eLearning

To support businesses as they prepare to reopen, Fáilte Ireland has created a new online Learning Hub to motivate teams who are remote working and upskill them in key areas before they return to work. This programme has been designed as part of Fáilte Ireland’s response to the Covid-19 crisis and aims to help businesses keep their staff engaged while they are working remotely.

The Fáilte Ireland Learning Hub hosts a programme of 14 short modules which are available to employees of all levels, from frontline to management with three modules in areas such as Management and Compliance.

Already almost 2,000 members of the industry from over 170 organisations of all sizes have signed up to the Learning Hub. This resource is available to every tourism and hospitality business.

Learning Hub: Accredited Service Excellence (ASE) programme

When tourism businesses reopen, the way in which they operate will be significantly different following the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, customers should still experience the world-class service our industry is famous for.

Fáilte Ireland’s eLearning Accredited Service Excellence (ASE) programme has been refreshed to help the industry to achieve this. To support businesses as they reopen, Fáilte Ireland is providing free access for every business to the updated version.

The updated programme aims to empower staff with valuable insights, tips and guidelines on giving customers a highly positive experience.

A 1.5 hour interactive programme, ASE refreshes and sharpens your staff’s knowledge of:   

  • Providing a top quality customer experience from arrival to departure
  • Creating lasting impressions and memorable experiences
  • How to add the personal touch, especially during these more challenges times
  • Encouraging feedback and managing complaints
  • Upselling and cross-selling techniques

The ASE programme can lead to more effective and efficient employees, fewer complaints, improved customer relationships and better customer satisfaction levels. To date, over 1,300 people have completed this programme.