Boosting sales with social media

Social media has provided a great sense of escape for many Irish consumers during lockdown — a way to dream and plan for a better future.  Now recognised as a critically important channel through which to reach new audiences and a valuable sales lead funnel for your product experiences, social media must be optimised by businesses to make sales… After all, growing ‘likes’ doesn’t convert to sales.

In our five-step video guide we highlight the benefits of key social media channels for hospitality and tourism and illustrate how growing consumer engagement on platforms like Instagram can be a powerful sales tool. We step you through how to plan a successful campaign, create compelling content, optimise Instagram for your business while understanding how to effectively promote and manage a campaign budget and measure your results regardless of your social media channels.

Our supporting guidance documents will advise on creating and developing customer personas, demonstrate the effective use of captions and hashtags and provide a checklist for setting up/running a successful campaign with measured results. 

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