Conducting virtual meetings & presentations with buyers online

Moving to virtual online business meetings and presentations brings with it additional challenges, not only in regard to buyer ‘fatigue’ as online messages increase but also the additional challenges of ensuring your business stands out. It is imperative to think about how you present and pitch your offering online to ensure it addresses all buyer needs, concerns and reassurances required in light of COVID-19. 

When done right, virtual selling can offer you opportunities to improve and refine your sales presentation pitch and skills.

In this video and supporting communication templates, we guide you through invaluable insights in regard to the art of selling in a virtual world. We will help you enhance and refine your pitch, sales skills, questioning technique and how you follow up with buyers, to ensure your sales efforts optimise your opportunities to win business, whether you are involved in one-to-one sales meetings or as part of a small destination group presentation as part of virtual Fams delivered through webinars.  

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