Pricing, contracting and negotiating online

When COVID-19 hit the international tourism industry there was a lot of business uncertainty for buyers, sellers and intermediaries in Ireland, like every other country. Some valuable lessons have been learned in how we need to approach buyer pricing, contracting and negotiation for B2B international market business, to ensure contracts better provide for terms and conditions for events like COVID-19 into the future. It is also important to ensure that all deposit conditions, cancellation policies and rate agreements are prepared to provide fair but flexible terms to ensure the shared risk around contracting for buyers and sellers, while ensuring optimal flexibility for the consumer to encourage and support business to be deferred where possible as opposed to being cancelled and lost. 

In our video support and related guidance documents and templates on pricing, contracting and negotiation in a virtual marketplace, we address the lessons learned from COVID-19 to help businesses better prepare for such future shocks to tourism. Learn how to support your business sustainability and protect your valuable buyer relationships for the long term, and for the economic benefit of Irish Tourism. 

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